Lionbridge is one of the popular crowdsourcing companies in on the internet. They offer flexible working hours while working from home has been providing work from home opportunities to individuals around the world for over 20 years. I have worked with them for a year and in this review I will tell you all about my experience there.

What Is Crowdsourcing?

Crowdsourcing is the enlisting of a large number of people to
complete work on a project, typically through the internet.
Lionbridge is a crowdsourcing company that recruits remote workers
(like yourself) to work on a project for a client company. Because it is done through the internet, it is one of the jobs you can work from home.

Lionbridge Review In Short

Lionbridge employs people from all over the world to work remotely on online tasks through their crowdsourcing platform. The work entails online jobs like internet assessor, social media evaluation and online map quality analysis. The working hours are very flexible and are pretty much up to you as long as you complete your weekly quota of hours. As a company, they have good labour practices and the pay is very good as far as online work goes. They are a great option as an employer and if you can work for them, it will definitely be worth your while.

Getting Into Lionbridge

Entry Requirements

The requirements for eligibility for working for Lionbridge are
simple. For most crowdsourcing jobs you just have to be familiar with
common technological applications and social media platforms.

Requirements include a capable computer, a stable broadband internet
connection, and good local knowledge of the location you are applying

How To Apply

Applications for Lionbridge remote workers are done through their
smartcrowd recruiting portal. All opportunities are listed on
smart crowd along with the requisite skills and other requirements. If
you are fit the job, you can click on the application link on the job
posting which will send you to a SAP based portal where you can fill out
the rest of the necessary information.

After you have completed the application, there is a two-week waiting
time for feedback. During this time the will also request any
additional information you might be missing. In terms of experience, you
have to state what you were doing for all the time prior to the

Even if you were unemployed, you have to include that. In my
application I did not write my unemployed time between jobs and I was
contacted to clarify this for them. That I was unemployed did not
negatively affect my application, it was just so that they could verify
that I was in my current location for the past 2 years, which was a
requirement for the job.

Contact Details

They tell you to use a brand new email address when you sign up with
them. The reason for this is probably because of the high volume of
emails that they will send you when you are on the program. I
accidentally gave them my regular email address and I managed to sign up
properly despite that.

But if you don’t want to be bombarded with email notifications from
them then you should create a new email address for certain. Just make
sure that you have notifications set for it or check it regularly. A lot
of important communications get sent to you and missing some of the
important notifications like the one for contract renewal can lead to
you being removed from the programme if you don’t respond.

The Work At Lionbridge

The work at Lionbridge is online tasks, which are a combination of click-work and researching. Your purpose is to improve online platforms like social media platforms, search engines and map application. You basically work to make the internet better. For example, you will have to check if certain information that a search engine of a map application is correct and suitable.

To do this, you will have to do research through google or any other information source. If the info on the platform you are analyzing is correct, you will confirm that it is. If it is wrong, you will state that and give the correct information. In this way, the platform you are working on is improved and you get paid for the task.

The work is quite straight forward and all you need it computer savvy and basic researching skills to do the work.

Working Hours (Very Flexible)

You are expected to work a minimum of 10 hours per week and a maximum
of 20 hours. Even though they pay you per task, the time that you spend
with the rating tool open is counted and counts towards your weekly
limit. If you need to take a break, you have to log out of the rating
tool and log back in when you are ready to resume.

Lionbridge tracks how much time you spend with the rating tool open, and
also how much time you spend on each task. In the beginning, I though
that it would be better for me to take the maximum amount of time to
ensure that I get the task done as accurately as possible. My logic was
that if they recommended 10 hours per week and 3 minutes per task, then
as long as I did 800 tasks that would be fine, even though it took me
double the recommended time.

After a few weeks I got an e-mail saying that I was exceeding the 20
hour limit and that I was spending too much time per task. I had to then
cut the time down and work in such away that I did tasks in the
recommended time.

Compensation For Work

Lionbridge pays remote workers per task. There are a multitude of
different tasks which require different amounts of effort and time. Each
task has a recommended amount of time that you should do it in as well
as a maximum. For example, a search task has a recommended completion
time of 3 minutes and a maximum time of 6 minutes. If a task is taking
you longer than 6 minutes, you are advised to rate it as “Can’t Verify”
and explain in the comments that you couldn’t finish it because it was
taking too long.

The Pay Rate is different for the different types of tasks but it is structured so that your hourly rate works out to between $7 and $12 dollars an hour depending on your test locale and the complexity of the tasks you do in a session. My personal hourly rate is around $11 on average. Of all the online jobs I have done as an employer/contractor, this is the highest pay rate I have received. In my most productive month, I managed to earn $1850.

My Opinion On Lionbridge

What I Like

When I started they were paying a flat amount for tasks completed. Where in my country, tasks take much longer because of the different standards and the fact that crowd work is new and we are the ones building the base on which others will improve with time. The limited resources and teething issues changed meant that we were making less than international counter parts.

Two months after working, Lionbridge sent out emails stating that because our work comparatively more difficult, they would be increasing the rate. They increased the task rate for the difficult task by 42%. This is huge and took my monthly pay from around $600 to just over $900.

I have worked many different types of jobs and a lot of companies online take advantage off demand in developing countries because people are willing to work for less. Lionbridge keeps the earning standard fair across the board and I found their consideration of local circumstances to be a really nice touch

What I Dislike

Lionbridge sends a lot of training information to keep you familiar with the guidelines. Different resources include, official guideline PDFs, training videos, and webinars. Sometimes there can be conflicts in what is taught in different resources and it can be confusing when you have taken in information from multiple resources, only to be misled.

Lionbridge has a task logging system that keeps track of how many tasks you complete. However, you also have to fill in a time sheet yourself. This is a task in itself and keeping track of the number of tasks you do when you have to do over a thousand tasks a week feels unnecessarily cumbersome.

Another problem is with reviewers marking your work as incorrect when isn’t. Every few weeks you receive feedback on some of the mistakes that you made in your rating. You will receive accuracy scores for each of them and if your scores are below 80% you run the risk of being removed from the programme.

Every time I got feedback on my work, there was a high number of tasks where I was wrongly reviewed as doing things wrong. The problem with this is that often the reviewers don’t even pay attention to your comments and only give you “their” correct answer and marked you wrong.

If you are in-fact correct, you have to explain why and that essentially means you have to redo the research to dig up the correct information, and basically review the reviewer’s review of your work. If you want to do this job for the long time, I recommend you send feedback of all the incorrect grading you get from the beginning. It’s unfortunate because it increases your workload, but if you have a record of communications to back your issues up then you stand on better footing.

What is better than Lionbridge?

There are crowdsourcing platforms that are similar to Lionbridge. From the research that I have conducted, Lionbridge is the best option in this line of work. The main competitor to Lionbridge is Appen and while the work is similar and pays the same, task availability is a problem.

There are also reports of pay being reduced over the past two years so that is a cause for concern. I have been working for Lionbridge for just over a year and the security is as good as there can be for this line of work. I have had a steady stream of work available to me for practically the whole time. The only dip I experienced was in December where for that month, I was only able to do half the number of tasks I would usually do. By the second week of January, tasks were added again and I was back to being able to complete 20 hours worth of tasks a week.

In terms of an online job, this is the best that there is in my experience. To make more, money than this per hour, have a look at My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online.

Additional Info

Quality of your results is paramount at Lionbridge. If you perform below standards, you run the risk of being deactivated from rating. If your result do not improve after that, you run the risk of being removed from the program

If you are in the USA you will have an easy time because the format is well-established and most of the work is already correct, you just have to confirm. The online resources are also more plentiful. Maps tend to be recent and have good resolution. If you are in India you will have a very rough time because of the limited online resources for companies.


The pay is very good. With some platforms, they use developing countries for cheaper labour. With Lionbridge, no matter where you work, the money is good.

Frequent bonuses in the first half of the year. When there are bonuses you can make an additional $50 or even $100 in a month just by doing your tasks on specific days (usually weekends) when task volumes are high.

The work offers great flexibility. As long as you complete the 20 hours per week, it is up to you when you decide to do it. In the event that you are unable to work in one week, you can always catch it up the following week. So there is that leeway if you need it.

Good communication and support – Lionbridge is always sending information resources to keep you up to date. The analyst support is very responsive. If you ask a question you will have feedback within 24 hours.s


Times when tasks will not be available – In my experience, this never lasts for more than a week. It is still something that can be a cause for concern

Reviewers can be incorrect – leading to you wrongly getting lower grades


Lionbridge is a solid online work opportunity. The company and their platforms provide a steady stream of work and pay a good salary across the board. It is not as easy to get into as other work from home jobs and that is compensated for with a decent hourly rate. It is definitely worth a try, and I recommend it highly if you are considering working form them.

Do you agree with my sentiments on Lionbridge? What other ways of making money online do you recommend.

Let us know in the comments below.