CashCrate is a PTC site where you can make money by completing surveys and shopping online. In this CashCrate review we dig into what the platform has to offer and whether it is a scam or legitimate PTC website where you can earn money.

The website has been around since 2006 and has over 7 million users worldwide. The platform is aimed primarily at users from the US but welcomes users from all over the world. All you need to sign up with Cashcrate is to be at least 13 years old

How to sign up for CashCrate

You can sign up for CashCrate here. The signup process is quick and painless. You can create an account using your email address or by logging in with Facebook. If you are using an email address then sign up with you will simply register and choose a password. It takes a few seconds and as soon as you have signed up you can start earning immediately.

Before you get going

As soon as you have signed up you are given the option of filling out demographics profile. This will be used to draw up a profile for you that matches you to surveys and offers. It is optional and you can choose not to do it but you will likely be shown fewer surveys if you don’t complete it. They ask you questions that you will have to answer for the surveys you will end up completing so there is no reason not to do it. The good thing about it is that they pay $0.5 and it takes about 3 minutes to complete.

How you earn on CashCrate

CashCrate has 3 primary ways of earning money, taking surveys, completing offers and through referrals. Surveys are immediately available to you in the dashboard. You can pick any survey that catches your fancy based on time and on the amount being paid and if you qualify, complete it and your account will be credited with the fee.


Paid Surveys

The surveys come from marketing partners similar to other sites like PrizeRebel and Clixsense. The category that stands out is Your Surveys, which are contains a survey specifically for you, of which one can be completed every day.


Offers require you to sign up for certain products and services or to do online shopping. If your aim is to make money without spending any on the platform then it might be a good idea to ignore the offers section altogether. The offers are mainly for US consumers and for most people outside of North America there won’t be anything under the offers tab in the dashboard.


The Cashcrate referral program allows you to refer other people to sign up and earn a percentage of what they earn from completing surveys and offers.

The referral system has 4 levels, bronze, silver, gold and elite. You are started off at bronze level and here you earn 20% of what your referrals make. In order to be promoted to silver you have to do one of two things. The first is to either you need to either have 25 referrals from the US who complete at least one survey or one offer. The other is to have earned $100. For Gold level you need 100 referrals from the US or $250 in level 1 earnings, and for Elite you need 500 active US referrals and $750 earned.

When your referral earns their first $10 you get a $3 bonus.

Your Quality Score

For the surveys, quality responses are important and you are given a quality score for the surveys that you complete. It is a simple thing to do and you only need to give answers that you have thought about and you will be good. You are assigned a quality score which starts at 100. For every survey that you answer with positive behavior, your score will be increased. Negative behavior such as rushing through the survey and giving useless answers will result in a decrease of your score. Panelists with poor scores will be blocked from future surveys.


How Cashcrate Pays You

Cashcrate pays once a month with payments being process at at the beginning or middle of the month depending on your membership type. For work completed in a specific month, the payment will be processed the following month. For example, work done on June will be payed in July. Compared to other PTC websites which allow you to get paid within a day when you have reached the payout threshold, this feels very restrictive. Gold and Elite members can get paid weekly which is slightly better than the lower levels but still doesn’t compare favorably with other platforms.

The minimum cashout amount is $20. Payments are processed automatically if you have at least $20. You have the option of increasing the payment threshold to a higher amount in your payment settings.

Payment Options

There are 4 payment options, through Dwolla, Direct deposit, PayPal and check. The first two are only available to those in the US. To earn your money through PayPal you have to be a silver level member so if you are an international user you can only get payment through check at first. This is problematic because if you have not made the requisite number of active US referrals, your only way to get paid is through check. This is a dated form of payment for online work and can take over a month for you to get paid.

If you are a PayPal user and prefer not to jump through hoops before getting your first payment, check out PrizeRebel

PayPal does not charge any fees for payment and the only fees you will pay are those levied by PayPal or Dwolla.

Availability of Surveys

Cashcrate states that people from the US and English-speaking countries are the target and that if you are from elsewhere in the world you will see fewer surveys. I still found a decent amount of surveys available for my appetite, which is to work for up to two hours a day. It is fairly similar to what you will find on the other GPT sites.

Is CashCrate Available In My Country?

CashCrate is available worldwide. Members from the USA and other English-speaking countries will have more surveys available but users from all over the world are welcome. The only requirement for participation is that you be at least 13 years old

Overall Impression

The minus for CashCrate is that surveys and offers are essentially the only things you can do. When you have completed those for the day you cannot do anymore. The other sites have tasks from Figure Eight or other partners which provide you with work for as long as you are willing to work. If you are registered on the other sites then you can simply switch to the other sites to do more work. If for some reason you only wanted to sign on one platform only, CashCrate on its own is lacking compared to the other PTC sites.

The interface is one of the better ones and the user experience is pleasant. For users outside of the preferred locations of USA, Canada and UK, it is not an option that can stand on its own. It should be used as a supplemental platform to others for if you want access to any additional surveys that are not available to you through the other platforms.

The Verdict

CashCrate is not a scam and is a legitimate way to make additional income with your spare time. The user experience is a good but payment methods are dated or unnecessarily restrictive. Compared other established PTC website, Cashcrate is lacking in terms of work available but overall, it is worth adding to your list of survey sites in order to maximize the amount of work available to you. To sign up you can register here.

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I hope that you enjoyed reading it and if you have any questions or want to leave your own, personal review, leave a comment below.