To work from home in Africa is something many people treat with uncertainty. I started Work From Home Africa with the hope of changing this. Working online from home is a concept that once aroused suspicion and an immediate dismissal for me. Once upon a time, all that came to my mind when I heard those words were spammy online ads about making thousands of dollars in a week. Fast forward to today and my view on online earning has changed completely. I am making a genuine living online from the comfort of my own home. This something I would have never imagined two years ago.

Along the way to where I am now, what I learned about online work is that it is just like offline work. You have to start somewhere with it and how much work you put in determines how much you get out of it.

But most people don’t know where to start. I am lucky to have stumbled across a post online that led me to a job post that allowed me to work from home. Since then I have discovered that there is a lot more. It is a whole new world that I was unaware of before, that I am now exploring and will share with you as I progress along this journey.

A little about Greg

Growing up I had a simple plan for what I would be when I grew up. I would study to be something in a field like a doctor or an engineer, make enough money to drive a nice car and go on to live the simple life. Everything was on track and I did things as planned up until I finished my degree.

The degree that I had studied for was in high demand while I was in university. At the time that I graduated, things had changed and there wasn’t a lot of hiring was happening. I spent a year and a half unable to get a job in the industry. While I did odd jobs in between, the majority of that time went to waste as I only knew to look for what I was qualified for.

Escape the rat race

Trying To Run My Own Business

I went I decided to pursue a new entrepreneurial project but it also brought challenges. To run any business requires money, whether to run errands and attend meetings, or to keep a bank account open. This lead me back to the issue of needing an income.

My First Online Job

I went job searching and, as luck would have it, the first post I found was about taking surveys at Clixsense. The allure was that it was available to anybody in the world and needed no qualifications or experience. Anybody could do survey work if they can operate a smart device and make some pocket money from Day 1.  While it didn’t make me a lot, I was able to make around $5 each day for 2-3 hours work which was better than getting zero.

During this time I found Scribie an online typing website that employs people from anywhere. This improved things a lot. It was also an easy to job to get into and could earn me $500 a month.  This was enough to cover my expenses and  I would also still have plenty of time to run the errands that I need for my offline business.


I started looking for other opportunities to supplement my income to bring it closer to what people call a “full-time income”. It took a lot of trial and error and I worked some jobs that I would like to forget. Fortunately, it was only for a few days to a week maximum, as that is how long it takes to get a get into an online job and try it out for long enough to decide whether it is something you want to do. I managed to settle on a combination of online jobs that pay me the same as what I would be getting working offline.

Starting An Online Business

The game-changer for me came when I discovered a platform called Wealthy Affiliate. I was reading about one of the online job platforms when I came across an article from a guy in Brazil who had now had an online business and could work from his own home and make money enough money to travel. I was a bit skeptical but I was curious and interested if this was the real deal. The platform is free to try so I signed up for a free membership since I had nothing to lose. I watched the introduction video series to online business and the rest is history.

This platform opened up a new world to me. I had never thought that one could make an actual profitable business that generates 1000s of dollars a month but I saw people on the platform who are doing it. I learned all about how to build an online business, and this website is one of the results of what I learned.  I am now earning a full-time income from making website from this website and two others.

Why I started Work From Home Africa

I live in South Africa where unemployed unemployment is rife. Having gone through the trials of unemployment myself, it is a very sore point for me. I know scores of people personally, many of whom try to make it on their own through self-employment, but even the little amount of money required to maintain entrepreneurial pursuits is a barrier

The majority of people I know that quit their jobs to start a business, only to go back, went back to their jobs because they could no longer finance their entrepreneurial pursuits, not because they gave up on their businesses. Many still long for returning to their projects but once going back is not it is not that easy.

Online work provides an additional option. It is not for everybody but it will definitely be for some, as it has proven to be for me at this stage of my journey.

My mission with Work From Home Africa

I want to help people who are in need of ways to make extra money like I once did.  There are options, particularly if you are located in Africa or other developing countries. Online work is a foreign concept to many people in developing countries. Most instances of making such claims as working from home have proved to be scams for most people.

Most online work opportunities are exclusive to the US and to a smaller extent, the Europe. This shuts out most developing countries. The aim of Work From Home Africa is to provide information on online work opportunities that area available and tenable for those living in Africa. I wish I had known about what was available to me when I was studying and had little money. This applies even more to the years that I spent unemployed. I hope to help others to avoid losing precious time helplessly doing nothing.

Even if what you find here is not for you, it will be of use to somebody you know. I encourage you to share it with those you know who might be in need.

Learning on the Job

While I am still relatively new to the realm of online work myself, I am learning a lot of new information everyday.  I will be sharing all that I discover with all of you. I am going to shine the light on online work for those who need it most, while staking a claim to my own piece of the internet economy. Who knows, it might even be a viable alternative to my offline business pursuits. I will share all that I learn with you.

Through Work From Home Africa I will do the following:

  • Cover different jobs that I work on by doing reviews of different remote work platforms.
  • Providing free assistance for getting on-board with the different platforms.
  • Informational articles to let you know of the things you need to get started and how to get about setting yourself up for success online.
  • Give my personal opinions on opportunity and the challenges that I encounter. I invite you to share yours with me so we can have more experiences and perspectives to pull from.

Sharing Is Caring

I will share all the useful information I find you with you. While you find useful information here, I encourage you to do your own digging for additional information and opportunities. Share what you learn so that we can all benefit from each other’s findings.

Ask me questions, offer your opinions and feel free to suggest other opportunities for us to investigate. The foundation of the internet is all about sharing and that is what makes it so powerful. Whether it is your successes or challenges, there is something that for someone to learn from your experiences. It’s in this spirit that I created this Work From Home Africa.

If you find at least one thing helpful, I will have done my job. I hope that you reap benefit from my experiences and articles that I publish. Most of all, I wish you all the luck in finding your own success. We will be posting a new article every week so follow us on on the social media platforms to find out about new platforms that are reviewed.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read my story. If you found it useful of if you have any questions, please leave a comment below.


Work From Home Africa